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Suresh (name changed) was suffering from recurrent abdominal pain, fullness of the abdomen, reduced appetite and constipation and he is a known hypertensive. He visited a Gastroenterologist and underwent endoscopy and was diagnosed as chronic non erosive antral gastritis and was advised antacids for the same, he is taking the medicines from last 5 yrs but patient is only slightly better and did not find significant improvement in his symptoms.This started taking toll on his quality of life. Then he approached us with his condition.


Then we at AAREX after evaluating the patient in detail was put on homeopathic medicine, similimum to his condition and patient was advised not to stop his previous medicine suddenly, after few initial weeks patient started feeling better in his symptoms,so we slowly started to taper his medicine and gradually in the span of 6 months treatment pt was completely weaned off the antacids, and was feeling much better. After treating him for 11 months he was even tapered off the homeopathic medicine without any recurrence in his symptoms in the last few months.


During the course of the treatment pt was advised to stay away from fatty foods,fried foods,alcohol,smoking and carbonated drinks.