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Mr Ravi (name changed) was suffering from neurodermatitis a kind of eczema which happens near the shin bone from last 2 decades.


He was suffering from eczema from last 20 yrs ,he is also a known case of Hypertension and Bronchial Asthma he was inhalers and anti hypertensives for the same. He was on topical steroid application for his eczema.And the patient was observing that when his skin problem was severe his respiratory complaint was better and vice versa.


Patient visited us with the following complaints, after evaluating his case.

Patient was on Homeopathic Medicine for the same, patient started to responding to the treatment in the initial 3 months, we started tapering his topical steroids and inhalers gradually and presently is completely off the steroid application and inhaler and is better with his respiratory and skin complaints simultaneously.


Along with homeopathic medicine patient was advised self help measures like moisturizing his skin regularly with emollients, avoiding excessive usage of soaps and hot water.