Dr. Vipun, BHMS/ MHM, is one of the most respected and best Homeopathy Doctors in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. He has more than 13 yrs. of experience with leading homeopathy clinics in the country as a Homeopathic Consultant. He has treated more than 40,000 hair and skin patients personally. His specializations include Hair Loss, Skin Diseases (Psoriasis, Eczema, White Patches, Allergies), Respiratory Allergies, Arthritis (Joint Pains), children disorders, joint pains, hormonal disorders, immunity and stress related complaints.

One of his major successes has been “Management of PCOD and Diabetes”. His expertise and current areas of research are “Role of homeopathic medicine in Joint Pains and Hormonal Disorders”. Dr. Vipun was awarded with Vaidya Ratna for his best services in the field of homeopathy from Suman Art Theaters, a cultural and social organization, Hyderabad for the year 2015. He has also worked as a Chief Homeopathic Consultant and Regional Head for Dr. Batra’s, one of the world’s largest chains of homeopathy clinics.

In treating joints he has designed a 360 degrees approach which covers the patient in all angles to ensure that his quality of life is improved. It is a unique combination of medicine and rehabilitation exercises. If required patient is even provided physiotherapy services by a qualified therapist.

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Through his experience he has observed that homeopathic remedies can treat joint pains effectively without any adverse effects unlike conventional medicines which causes gastritis, homeopathy helps to stop or slow down the inflammation in the joints. It can also prevent or reduce the symptoms, joint destruction and deformity and prevent or lessen the disability.

He is also working as a special consultant at AIS Clinic, Goa – A Multi Specialty Homeopathic Clinic.



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