Treating a case of fibromyalgia with Homeopathy

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Patient complaints:

Ms. Lakshmi was suffering from wide spread pain associated with anxiety and sleep disorder since 3-4 years, she was on pain killers and tricyclic anti-deprassants, on and off for the same but still, the pains were still disabling from both her personal and professional commitments.

Evaluation of the patients:

Patient consulted us with the following complaints we at Aarex evaluated her case in detail, and after her detail case taking and ruling out other possible conditions clinically and investigation wise she was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia which is characterized by widespread chronic pain( pain in the upper and lower back, chest, shoulders, knee  joints, recurrent headaches.

And she was put on homeopathic medicine for the same into consideration her overall physical, emotional and mental sphere, she started showing improvement in her overall pain from the first month itself, and by the end of the 4th month, e tapered her other medicines also. She is still under our treatment but the disability factor has come down considerably and she started her life once again.


Along with homeopathic medicine she was also advised gentle stretching and strengthening exercises which helped her in improving her flexibility and range of motion.

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